The Frosties NFT and Rug Bull Scam

A Justice Department release titled the “Frosties NFT and Rug Bull Scam” calls the scheme a scam. The discord server has been used by the Frosties operators to recruit new members. They also planned to release a follow-up series called “Embers” that promised investors exclusive access to future mints. The discord server itself has been hacked, with the owners stealing money from members. Let’s Understand the scam and have a look at its overview.

The Frosties NFT and Rug Bull Scam

The FBI and the Justice Department have charged two men with fraud and money laundering for promoting the Frosties and Rug Bull ICOs. The men are accused of selling non-fungible tokens, based on cartoon-like characters called “Frosties”. Once they sold the Frosties, they shut down the project and transferred the money to their own crypto wallets. Once they did so, they left the owners without the promised rewards.

In the latest case, two 20-year-old creators of the Frosties have been charged with money laundering and fraud. The developers of the NFT have been accused of stealing $1.1 million in investments and putting their tokens under a new smart contract to avoid paying taxes on them. The fraudsters are trying to rebuild the community by using a process called wrapping. The process involves placing the tokens under a new smart contract and removing the developer’s control.

The criminal investigation into the Frosties and Rug Bull Scams continues. A Justice Department statement says that “the Iceberg Fund is a bogus Ponzi scheme that is aimed at luring unsuspecting investors with fraudulent promises.” However, it is unclear how much the alleged criminals will actually pay to investors. A recent US government statement describes the case as a case of money laundering and fraud.

The Frosties NFT scam is a modern take-the-money-and-run scheme. It involves the theft of coins. The developer is also charged with money laundering. A fugitive from the community has a disgruntled former employee of the project. In a similar situation, the prosecutors claim that the two men are using cryptocurrency to launder money.

This was done to defraud investors by launching non-fungible tokens based on cartoon-like characters called “Frosties.” As soon as the Frosties were launched, the pair shut down the project and moved the funds to separate crypto wallets. While the money was transferred to their separate accounts, they did not deliver the promised rewards to those who owned the coins.

While the Frosties NFT and rug bull scams involve a different set of crimes, they are both scams. They are both crypto-related, and the money they steal is the equivalent of $2.8 billion in crypto funds in 2021. A good example of fraud is the “Big Daddy Ape Club” token sale. The company allegedly manipulated the process by promising early access to first-generation Frosties.

Who is a Rug Pull Scammer?

A common question asked by investors is who is a rug pull scammer. This is a common scam that consists of a rogue developer who creates a new cryptocurrency project, including non-fungible tokens. The scammer then pairs the new token with another leading cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, and asks investors to swap their existing coin for the newly created one. They will then promote their project on social media.

Despite the fact that rug pulls are new to the industry, the fundamentals are similar. The question becomes who is a scammer and what can you do to protect yourself. The answer lies in the current law. In many instances, you can file a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Attorney General’s office. These laws are in place to protect consumers from fraudulent individuals. However, they are not foolproof, and you need to understand your rights.

If you are the victim of a rug pull scam, you have a number of options. First of all, you can report the perpetrator. If you find someone using your identity to steal your money, do not pay them anything. They will take it back, so it is important to protect yourself by reporting them to the authorities. If you are the victim of a scam, there are many resources available to you. Regardless of your situation, you should never let anyone fool you into believing a scam.

Moreover, a rug pull scammer has several different techniques. Often, he uses a scammer’s rogue developer to steal your money. The scammer will close his social media accounts and websites to make it harder for you to track him. Then, he will close his website, close his social media accounts, and remove the paired cryptocurrency from the liquidity pool. The price of the coin will drop to zero and you will lose your investment.

About Frosties NFT

The Frosties NFT and Rug Bull Scam

The Frosties NFT is a blockchain-based digital collectible inspired by anything from Pokemon to the Beatles. As an owner of an NFT, you receive rewards and a resale value. In the case of the Frosties, purchasers were promised giveaways, early access to a metaverse game, and exclusive mint passes for upcoming Frosties seasons. These promises were quickly disregarded, and the disorganized public discourse that followed soon caused the project to collapse.

The ‘Frosties’ project spawned several scams in the cryptocurrency community. One of the most recent, known as the “rug pull” scam, involved two men claiming to have made more than $1.1 million in the ‘Frosties NFT’ cryptocurrency. However, the scammers didn’t stop there, and they were preparing for a second scheme, dubbed ‘Embers’.

The developers of the Frosties NFT project, Andre Llacuna and Ethan Nguyen, both twenty years old, were arrested after promising various rewards to buyers. After announcing that the ICO would be closed after eight thousand dollars were raised, the two men disappeared. Their names were never mentioned, but their website does have a description of the fraudulent campaign. If you want to learn more about the NFT and its scammers, please read the corresponding Justice Department release.

The Frosties NFT is an exclusive NFT with over 100 traits. It is a collection of unique cartoon characters. It is also available for staking, breeding, and metaverse functions. The U.S. Department of Justice has charged two individuals with fraud, but there are still over 2,000 sellers on the OpenSea marketplace. If you’re looking for an NFT to invest in, be sure to buy one!


The Frosties project exploded in popularity last year and now faces a court case. The US Attorney’s office has charged the two men with money laundering and wire fraud. The scammers had a website that offered their clients an NFT with “snowman-like” characters. The two men have pleaded not guilty. The charges filed against them include possession of counterfeit funds, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and defrauding customers.

A Justice Department release issued earlier this year calls the Frosties project a scam. The NFT was the first NFT rug pull of the year 2022, and the rug bull scam was responsible for about $1.1 million of that amount. Its founders, however, are facing charges of money laundering and conspiracy. The alleged fraud has caused thousands of victims to lose their hard-earned crypto.

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